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Hey, there! If you’re here it means that you love to travel. It could be that you enjoy being on the move or you may still be discovering places from the comfort of your sofa. You may be on the cusp of venturing off on your first solo trip, or you could be a seasoned traveller. Either way, why not join me in exploring the world?

I’m Christina, I’m a digital nomad, and I love to travel solo. My wanderlust finally got the better of me and you will find me working from almost anywhere now. More and more of us are travelling solo – age is no longer a limit on travel, especially solo travel.

I created this site to encourage and empower solo travel, no matter where you’re from, how old you are or where you want to go. So jump in to find your next destination, build up the courage to take the plunge and travel solo while staying safe if it’s your first time and find tips and tricks to navigate your way around a new place.

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Where do you start? Here is as good a place as any. For some location inspiration, ideas of how to get around, and what you can see and do, start by browsing through some of the countries on the map.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or want to know more about a place.

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Are you a seasoned traveller wanting to explore more but not sure how to go about it? Starting out on your travels and not sure where to go, what to pack or what kind of backpack you need? And how do you choose between hotels, hostels, Airbnb or a homestay?

As a solo traveller, here is my take on the options available.

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Solo and safe

Do you think that travelling alone makes you vulnerable? It doesn’t have to! Keep your wits about you, use your common sense, trust your instinct.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Starting out is scary. On my first solo trip, I had planned everything out so that I knew exactly what I was doing for the entire trip. But I realised that I could be more flexible. By planning everything, I couldn’t change my mind if something more fun came up.

So here are my tips on how to enjoy your trip without compromising on safety.

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How to meet people on the road

Solo travellers often worry that they will feel lonely and isolated when they travel, and I get a lot of questions about this. How do I meet people? How do I avoid loneliness and feeling homesick?

The answer is to keep an open mind and not be afraid to talk to people, wherever you may be. Here are a few ideas of how you can meet people on the road, too.

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Responsible travel

We hear about responsible travel more and more, but what exactly does it mean? No one sets out to do harm when travelling, but could it be that we are doing something we don’t realise is harmful? Or that we didn’t think about the implications of our actions?

Responsible travel covers a lot of things. The more I see about how others live and what we do to our surroundings the more I want to do whatever I can to protect our planet for others to experience long after me. Here’s what I do when I’m on the road.

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My travel diary

Whether from your desk, couch or while on the road, join me in exploring the world. Be inspired, get ideas for your next destination or read about my latest solo travel adventures.

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