The epic Americas

A continent rich in heritage, wildlife and epic landscapes

Where can you start with such a huge continent as the Americas? In reality, it’s two continents – North and South America – but why worry about the details when there’s so much to explore?

From the traffic jams of New York City (USA) and Bogota (Colombia) to the ancient cities of Peru, the salt flats of Bolivia and the mountains of Ecuador. Learn to surf off the coast of Panama and explore the jungles of Costa Rica.

Discover the secrets of coffee in Colombia and move your feet to its salsa rhythm. Watch the wildlife of the Galápagos islands as nature intended it to be. Wander through the Witches’ Market in La Paz (Bolivia).

Not sure where to begin? Start here, fall down the rabbit hole and discover what there is to see and do on your journey of the Americas.

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