Travelling through Bolivia makes you feel like you are in another world

The dizzying heights of Bolivia

Vast open spaces, endless skies, and high plateaus – solo travel in Bolivia makes you feel like you are in an incredible other world. It was one of the countries on my bucket list, and it didn’t disappoint. La Paz is the highest capital in the world but isn’t the only capital of Bolivia. Sucre, to the south, is the administrative capital and a world apart from the dusty, traffic filled but characterful La Paz with its well-preserved colonial buildings and wide boulevards.

Fly down the Death Road on a mountain bike, get lost in the lunar landscape of Moon Valley, explore the Witches’ Market, and watch some cholita wrestling in La Paz. Spend the night in a hotel made of salt, goof around with perspective in your photos or try to count the stars and spot the Milky Way at the Uyuni Salt Flats. Clamber over the rusting carriages of the Train Cemetery in the local town of Uyuni. Sleep in the world’s highest city and (legally!) buy dynamite in Potosi. See the world’s largest collection of dinosaur footprints and chill out with the locals in Sucre. Solo travel in Bolivia is a treat!

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