Vivid colours, extraordinary landscapes and wild animals in their natural habitat

Tanzanian wildlife adventures

Top of my bucket list was to go on safari, and where better to do that than on the endless plains of the Serengeti and the magical Ngorongoro crater? There’s nothing like seeing animals in their natural habitat and watching them go through their day. More than once I felt like I was in their living room gawping at them while they acted like I wasn’t there. I saw four of the Big Five in a single day, and watched elephants amble towards me, tusks reflecting the light.    

Tanzania is full of extraordinary landscapes and vivid colours everywhere you look. Catching a sunrise in a hot air balloon floating above the golden elephant grass at the end of the dry season and camping in the wilderness of the Serengeti will live in your mind for decades to come. Waking up to a view of the top of Kilimanjaro, or watching dolphins play alongside dhows making the crossing to Zanzibar are not things you’ll forget anytime soon. The famous doors of Stone Town will have you stopping in marvel every few steps, and you’ll lose your way in its winding alleyways almost as soon as you set off.

Shop for pungent spices in Zanzibar, swim in the Indian Ocean, watch the Masai dance their way along dirt roads, and get lost in the hustle and bustle that is Dar es Salam. And the animals… Well, there’s just nothing like it!

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